Artificial Sweetener

about a little girl and her passion for pretty clothes

22 March

Hi there! I'm Bianca and I'm a Finish girl currently located in Sweden.

My journal is not being updated anymore,
so if you're interested in following me and my adventures,
please check out my blog instead!

Short facts:

Birthday: March 22nd

Bloodtype: O+

Height: 155 cm/5'0"

Eye colour: Greyish blue

Original hair colour: Darker blonde

Pets: The cats: Lou (birman), Mymlan (birman) and Chanel (persian). The horses: Rósa, Blaedís and Eyja, all Icelandic horses.

Sub styles: Classic, casual, mori and otome

Favourite brands: Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden,
Emily Temple cute, Innocent World

Favourite dishes: Baked potatoes and my mom's lasagne

Favourite dessert: Crème Caramel

Favourite bands/musicians: Anton Björkenvall, Our Lady Peace, The Fray, Miss Li, Maria Mena, Lykke Li

Current obsession: Wine red

TV series I follow: Skins, Weeds, True Blood, Californication, NCIS, Dexter, Bones, House M.D., United States of Tara, Community.